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Begin with Intention

Intentions address the following questions: Why are we doing what we are doing? What do we hope to achieve? What purpose are we fulfilling?

An intention can be thought of as a goal. Other synonyms for the word "intention" include "purpose, aim, aspiration, resolve."

Clear intentions hold tremendous creative power. In the areas of personal growth, relationship, career, and live choices, clarity of intention is an indispensable tool for achieving what we envision. A clear intention focuses our energies and makes it easy for us to discern which of the choices we encounter are on track for what we want to achieve, and which ones are not.

In the absence of clear intention, our life is shaped by circumstances, by our desires and fears, and by the intentions of other people. The absence of a clear intention can affect a day at work, a weeklong vacation, or even a whole decade of our life.

Our entire life is shaped by our thoughts. We can create anything we want with the creative energy of thought. When we truly get this we understand that we are not victims, that we are empowered to create whatever it is that we want. We then begin to watch what we think. Rather than let our thoughts control us, we begin to take control of our thoughts and we begin to create intentions.

When creating an intention, it is helpful to make clear, concise statements. State your intention in the present tense in a positive way. For example, if your intention is to live coffee free you might write, "I am living coffee free." You would not write, "I am going to stop drinking coffee."

You can start working with intention by creating a Vision Statement. Envision where you intend to be five years from now. You can use the guide entitled Creating Your Vision to provide helpful direction. Remember to write in the present tense, as if that's the way it is today.

Once your Vision Statement is in place you can begin working on yearly and monthly intentions. You can use the following headings for these intentions: