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Technology and communication have ushered in a new era unlike any the world has ever seen. With access to email, instant messaging and the Web, people today are better informed than ever before and are beginning to recognize that they need not be locked into nine to five drudgery. They are becoming aware that options exist. People now have the choice to provide for themselves and their families in ways that can make a positive difference for everyone.

Network Marketing offers a vision of empowerment. As such, it serves as a vehicle for personal growth and can help us reach our highest potential as human beings. When we move closer to attaining that, we begin to affect the lives of those we touch in positive ways. They, in turn, affect the lives of those they touch. The world gradually shifts, becoming a better place in which to live. In this way, Network Marketing is truly an agent for positive change on our planet.

"I have seen the tremendous contributions this profession has made to the lives of others. Today our calling is greater than ever. Poverty, crime, drug abuse, even war are problems that we collectively have the ability to resolve. By unifying in a common goal of global prosperity and world peace, we can make this happen. My passion is to be part of that process."

– Frank Keefer

"What I admire most about networking culture is the commitment to self-responsibility. Despite incredibly diverse backgrounds, aspirations and reasons for getting involved, network marketers take responsibility for ensuring that they live the lives they want to live. Most people spend their lives distracting themselves from their greatest worries. Networkers are willing to look these core life issues straight in the face-and do something about it. There is tremendous courage in this; it is a genuine and unique contribution to the rest of the world."

– Uma Outka

Network Marketing does provide a viable alternative, one that works. Live a life filled with joy. Life a life filled with passion. Network Marketing works for me, works for others, and it can work for you.

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