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Young Living Presentation

You've used Young Living products, like them, and want to share them with others. What to do next? The following is a simple, step-by-step guide to hosting your very own Young Living Essential Oils presentation.

    Seed to Seal

  1. Self introduction (i.e. name, profession)
  2. Personal testimonial
  3. Share oils (Valor or oil of choice)
  4. Show Seed to Seal: to enter the site Click Here or on the picture
  5. Share oil (Joy or oil of choice)
  6. Highlight video including the importance of therapeutic grade oils—95% of the oils marketed in the US are not; Young Living oils are

  7. Three ways to apply:
    1. Topical
    2. Inhalation (i.e diffusing—introduce various Young Living Diffusers)
    3. Internal (stress that it must be Young Living therapuetic grade, demonstrate Thieves and/or Peppermint on tongue, then offer for folks to try)
  8. Introduce Ningxia Red; pass out samples
  9. Touch on personal care items (offer Thieves Hand Sanitizer or other personal care item for folks to try)
  10. Pass out order forms
  11. Discuss the way in which the oils are distributed—Network Marketing; present the Start Living Kits as a way new enrollees can qualify for wholesale prices, mention the income opportunity and the possibility that folks can have their enrollment kit paid for. If anyone is interested, schedule a home presentation to do with them.
  12. Take orders; click here to download a customized order sheet

Note: In order to obtain wholesale pricing, new members must enroll as a Wholesale Member/Distributor and purchase one of the Enrollment Kits detailed here. Be sure to get the necessary enrollment information detailed here. Also, be sure to pass a sign-in sheet around (this serves to collect names, emails, and phone numbers for follow up purposes and documents actions you are taking to establish your business as a Young Living Independent Distributor).

Sharing Young Living's products and income opportunity is a wonderful experience and a magnificent way to touch the lives of others.