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Lead Interview Script

Note: go to this link Lead Interview Script for a recorded teleclass teaching the following script.

Hi, I’m calling to speak with (prospect’s name) please.

(Prospect’s name), this is (your name), the reason I’m calling is you recently went to my website and indicated you had an interest in a business you can work from home, is that correct?

Are you still looking for that business?

Do you have a moment to talk now?

I’m an independent distributor for Young Living Essential Oils. What we do is market health related products such as therapeutic grade essential oils, nutritional supplements, and personal care items. Along with that, we offer a business program so people can work from their homes either part-time or full-time.

May I ask, what are you looking to accomplish by having your own business? How much money per month would it take for you to accomplish that goal?

If I can show you a business that completely meets the needs you are looking for and will help you reach your goal, how soon do you see yourself getting started?

Of course (prospect’s name), I know your time is valuable, and I don't want to waste it, so before we go any further, I just want to make sure there is a fit between what you are looking for and what we have to offer. May I ask you a few questions?

For you to develop a significant income with Young Living, you will need to devote at 5 to 10 hours a week. If everything else meets your approval with this business, could you do that?

This is not a business where you have to do any aggressive selling. This is a business, however, that generally involves working with people. Let me ask you this, do you enjoy working with people?

My company has a system with a training program that will give you every advantage possible to be successful in this business. Let me ask you (prospect’s name), are you open to learning what may be a new system for you?

Anytime you own your own business you have what we call startup costs. With my company, to get started properly, one must purchase a $150 Starter Kit (plus tax and shipping). If everything else meets your needs does that fit within your budget?

Let me ask you something else, what other qualifications do you have that would lead you to believe you would be successful working from your home?

Well, based on what I'm hearing, you just might be the kind of person I'd be looking to partner with, but I'm not 100% sure. So, may I make a suggestion?

If you have an additional five minutes, I can give you a good overview of the company, our products, how you get paid and how I would support you and get you started.

When I’m finished, if either you or I feel this is not a good fit, I'll be the first person to suggest we not go any further. Would you like for me to do that?

Do you have an additional five minutes right now? (If yes, continue)

Great! Over the next five minutes, I’d like to tell you about our company, our products as well as answer your questions about how you get paid, how you get trained, and how to begin.

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