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There are 3 industries coming into momentum phase right now. One is the Health and Wellness Industry. This industry is booming. It is really hitting massive growth now. It is projected that by the year 2010 over a trillion dollars will be spent in wellness.

The second is the Relationship, or Network Marketing Industry. This is no longer a business of filling your garage full of products and selling them out of your garage. It’s moved into the 21st century. With the advent of the internet, you have little or no overhead, almost unlimited income potential, very positive tax advantages. This industry is really hitting growth phase now.

And the third is the company. I am an independent distributor for Young Living Essential Oils. We have been producing an all-natural; product line since 1993. Our privately owned company has a very solid financial foundation, and with the right people in executive positions, we are moving into the International marketing place — Japan, Europe, Australia. With the introduction of MarketingScents, a web based system, we are poised for massive growth. So these three industries, the Wellness Industry, the Network Marketing Industry and the Company Young Living Essential Oils are converging into momentum phase at the same time, which makes this an EXCELLENT time for you to get in.

Next, I’d like to tell you about OUR PRODUCTS: Young Living has over 400 products, and they are TOP OF THE LINE. Our world class product line has created tremendous customer loyalty resulting in consistent re-orders, which can result in a very nice, steady, growing income for any ambitious person seeking to build a secondary, or even primary, income. We are focused on three primary categories (1) are our therapeutic grade essential oils. 95% of the oils marketed in the United States are not therapeutic grade . . . Ours are. We have, without a doubt, the best oils you can easily get, on the market, today.

Number (2) We have nutritional supplements, vitamins and minerals. Most of these have essential oils in them. Our new flagship product for nutritional supplements is the NingXia Red. NingXia Red is an anti-oxidant juice. (usually I ask the person here if they know what an anti-oxidant is to get it a little interactive). It’s made primarily out of the NingXia Wolfberry, which is a berry that grows in China that is the most anti-oxidant food on the planet. Also in this juice are other strong anti-oxidants — pomegranate, blueberry, raspberry. This juice is the strongest anti-oxidant supplement there is. If you drink an ounce to 2 a day for a week, you will feel more energy, more stamina. Your immune system is boosted.

Our 3rd area of products is our personal care items . . . lotions, shampoos, soaps, toothpaste, mouthwash. Most of what you purchase in the supermarket is filled with toxins. We are a country full of sick people. Now we have so much material wealth; people are getting cancer when they are young. (and here I usually ask someone if they’ve known someone who’s gotten sick like that, when they’re young, and almost everyone has, because so many people do get sick like that . . . serious illness now at a young age.) And the reason is, because day-in and day-out we are loading our bodies down with toxic stuff. Young Living personal care items have no chemicals in them that are BAD for you and they ALL have Essential Oils in them, which are good for you. And that’s what makes our product line so special and unique.

OUR COMPENSATION PLAN: We get 5% from everybody we enroll. As you grow you get significant additional bonuses. Then I explain how people can make money quickly. If they don’t have the brochure in front of them, and they can’t get on the internet, I have them hold a piece of paper in a landscape position, draw a circle at the top, a row of 6 circles under that circle, and then under two of those 6 circles, draw 6 circles each (under 2 of them). You have 6 distributors directly under you, and then under 2 of them, 6 distributors each will make $500 a month, above and beyond the regular part of the compensation plan. Then I have them draw the third level and show that they will get $2,000 per month above and beyond the regular compensation plan. This is how you will really begin to make money in a reasonable amount of time with this plan. On the way you enroll people with a starter kit and you will get $50 a person. That’s how you’re going to make money quickly. (And, I may go into it a little more later, but I don’t want to get bogged down in too much of the compensation plan very quickly because it loses people, but I have found that by having people draw out those circles themselves, it’s very powerful.

(Now this is as far as the Take Action Now Brochure will take you. The next part is about training).

HOW DO YOU GET TRAINED? I will train you. Please let me assure you that you are NOT alone. I will spend the time to coach you individually, to get you started. In addition, we have conference calls two times a week. Finally . . .

HOW DO YOU GET STARTED? First, purchase a starter kit and website. The starter kit is $150.00 and you chose the product category that’s most interesting to you; NingXia Red, the Essential Oil or the Skin Care (called ART) Starter Kit. Next we start your training. (Prospects name), have I provided you with enough information to get started today? (If yes, verify information needed to signup; if no, ask what additional information [prospects name] will need in order to make a decision).

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