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Creating Your Vision

Human beings have the freedom to become anything they desire. With the creative energy of thought we make our journey joyful or painful. The choice is ours. Most of us take care of our family, our spouse, our children, and believe we have achieved our life's purpose. But even squirrels feed their families. What makes human beings different? What makes us realize our own greatness? In order to claim our destiny, we MUST have a greater purpose, a vision. Use the following guide to help formulate your vision. Bring into your mind where you intend to be five years from now. Write in the present tense. Remember, when we're plugged into Universal Intent, we have a way of getting what we ask for, so be thorough and use as much detail as you like.

  1. What will you have?
  2. Where will you live? With whom?
  3. What kind of house, cars and possessions will you have?
  4. What will you earn?
  5. What will every aspect of your life look like?
  6. What will you do?
  7. What hobbies will you pursue?
  8. Will you travel?
  9. How would your ideal day be spent?
  10. Who will you be? For what qualities will you be known?
  11. What impact will you have on others and the world?
  12. Who will you contribute to and how?
  13. What legacy will you leave behind?
  14. If all of your finances and day-to-day challenges were handled, waht would you do?
  15. How would you choose to live the next 100 years of your life, if you could?