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How many times in life has stress felt overwhelming? How often have you asked yourself, "Where is the peace and serenity?" Almost everyone longs for fulfillment and contentment, but often feel that these are elusive and, at best, short-lived. In “Conscious Contentment”, a reader will learn how to shift from agitation to tranquility when imbalances and stress arise. This heightened awareness is learned by developing an acute sense of mindful appreciation, cultivating thankfulness, and remaining in the precious present moment. The centerpiece of this method is the discovery of creative spaces of sanctuary (or SOS) that are the unique gifts and abilities in every life. Through recognizing, cultivating and applying these creative spaces in unique ways that are meaningful to the individual, deep purposeful contentment can be experienced.

Proactive approaches to Conscious Contentment include:

Featured in this book are original poems on the theme of each chapter that serve as inspirational reminders for continued contemplation and a fascinating series of interviews on contentment from a cross section of people of varying ages and genders.


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