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The first questions most people ask when starting a new job are When do I get paid? and How much? They’re questions conditioned in us from the time we are kids doing our first odd jobs. And, we ask every single time we start new employment. Yet many of us forget about these questions when we begin working in a multilevel / network marketing / home-based business. Then we find our heads spinning, wondering how everything fits together. How does this happen? Well, most of the time- in Young Living- it’s the women who jump into the business first. In other words, guys rarely look at the compensation plan because it’s not “their thing.” As well, the fact is that most people who enroll as wholesale members with Young Living and later “do the business” never intended to do anything more than simply use the oils or just sell enough to “fund their habit.” As such, as the business starts growing and things start humming along, they find themselves with lots of action and little information. The compensation plan is complex- even if clear. In this Field Guide we’ll walk through it. You’ll learn… * How much work this will really take * How to jump-start a business that is new or has stalled for a bit * Steps to take to become financially free- or reach any other financial milestone between where you are and where you want to be * The power of residual income streams * Little-known programs Young Living has created that accelerate your success * How to understand terms like Unilevel, Shares, Generations, as well as the eight ways to make money as a Young Living wholesale member * What other people make “doing the business,” how much they work, and just how profitable this can be for you If you treat Young Living like a hobby, you’ll have fun and get paid like a hobby. If, however, you want to work the process like a legitimate business, the opportunity stands before you to be rewarded quite well. The Field Guide to the Comp Plan helps you pull all of the info together and see the possibilities clearly. Best of all, you'll walk away with practical steps to navigate your path.


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