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Wellness Therapy

What is Wellness Therapy?

The purpose of Wellness Therapy is to empower individuals to reach tier full potential as human beings. Various treatment modalities are incorporated, providing an integrated approach designed to heal a person's physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Full wellness cannot be achieved unless these three areas - body, mind, and spirit — are in balance.

Traditional Western medicine and psychotherapies treat the disease rather than the person. Wellness Therapy, on the other hand, recognizes the unique internal and external circumstances presented by the individual, and in so doing, treats the individual, rather than the disease. Wellness Therapy does not believe in one size fits all.

Wellness Therapy works to bring the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies into harmony by promoting a lifestyle of balance. Addictions, anxiety, and depression are common symptoms of imbalance. Wellness Therapy addresses these in much the same way that light is brought into a dark room. While darkness cannot be physically removed, in the presence of light, darkness vanishes. Likewise, in the presence of a harmonious lifestyle, imbalance simply disappears.

Who benefits from Wellness Therapy?

Individuals, couples, families, and groups of people confronting similar life issues can all benefit from Wellness Therapy.

Wellness Therapy includes

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