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Quote of the Day: December 30, 2014

Sally Kempton

“Brain patterning is utterly fluid, plastic, and malleable. Even deeply embedded patterns can be changed through practices like cognitive shifting, and especially through meditation. Human mind-energy, human consciousness, is a contracted, miniaturized form of the great Consciousness of the universe, the cosmic mind itself. The power of the mind is the power of Consciousness itself."

~ Sally Kempton


A New Year's Ritual

On New Years' Eve, I invite you to set aside half an hour for this ritual of closure and renewal. You can do it alone or with a partner, or friends and family. If possible, light a candle.

Write out a list of the important events of the year. Write the challenges you faced, the important realizations, the moments you regret. Read the list (to yourself or, if you feel comfortable, out loud) Then offer it to the Goddess, to the Tao, to the universe. You can use these words or your own: "I offer these thoughts and actions into the hands of grace. May all that is of benefit come to fruition. May all mistakes be dissolved. In the year to come, may my life be of benefit, may I know my own freedom. May I be loving. May I be loved." Do this as a ritual, and when you've made your offering, burn it if possible, or tear it into tiny pieces and bury it. (You can do the burial later!)

In this way, you offer up the karmas and events of 2014. Dissolving 2014, you are free to move forward into the year to come.

Next, make a list of your intentions for the year 2015. Rather than making resolutions (which we always seem to break!) write a list of what you would most like to bring forth in your life in the year to come. Then write your intentions in the present tense, as though they are already happening: Here's an example (mine).

"In 2015, I am living deeply in my true Self, living in continual recognition that the play of my life is the play of divine awareness and love. I am serving joyfully and in love, caring for my body, and growing more and more intimately connected to the sisters and brothers who are my companions on this journey of the awakening heart."

Whatever intentions you create, let them be filled with your wish for growth, for wisdom, for love! May your intimate relationships expand your heart. May your life be of benefit to everyone around you! May you let go of struggle, yet be willing to do the work you need to do on your journey. May insight fill you. May love be your polestar. And may the Goddess bless you in every moment of the holiday season and this beautiful year!



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