helichrysum stops bleeding

"Hi, I am accident prone and I wouldn't be without Helichrysum. If I accidently cut myself I run for the oil. Use one drop or two and the bleeding stops. Helichrysum is just one of many oils I have and love them. Try it, hope it works for you."

Delores Liebig, 12-11-2004

helichrysum stopped a bleeding wound

"I just accidentally stabbed myself tonight with a seam ripper while ripping the seam out of a curtain I was adding a panel to. Although the point was not very sharp it penetrated deep into my finger and hurt very much. The bleeding was gushing out as if I had hit a big artery. And I could sense my body was in shock. I put some ice in a baggy and touched it to the site just once and then went to our medicine cabinet for the Helichrysum. I couldn't believe the instantaneous result after I put on a drop of the Helichrysum oil. Not only was there no bleeding AT ALL (even though I didn't use the ice any more), but the pain just stopped. The site had a relaxing sensation and the swelling subsided within the minute.

Helichrysum is not one of the cheap oils. I think it only grows in some exotic place on the other side of the world. But my husband and I learned we have to always have it in our medicine cabinet. 10 years ago he had a staff infection on his face that required several hundreds of dollars in doctor visits and steroids and 3 months to get rid of. It came back several years later when we had now learned about Young Living. We ordered helichrysum which he put on topically and it disappeared within 2 days. It has returned a couple times since then several years apart and each time he puts on the Helichrysum it goes away in a day or 2. I also used the Helichrysum when I had a molar pulled. I didn't need to take any pain killers or over the counter pain killers later in the day after it was pulled. Also it stopped the bleeding quickly then as well. The little 5 ml bottle (50 drops) of Helichrysum lasts us for 2 or 3 years, at least, because we don't use it much, but it's worth every penny and more when we do need it, and saves us a lot in what we would have to spend otherwise."

Didi Cooperman , 9-20-2004

hearing difficulty stopped with helichrysum

"I suffered a head injury from a motor vehicle accident 20 years ago and lost hearing in my left ear. One year ago I hit my head and had recurrent symptoms similar to the head injury 20 years ago--tinnitis and fullness in the head and difficulty hearing in my good ear. I was especially concerned to conserve my hearing in my right ear. I put Helichrysum oil around the ear and on the reflex points for the brain and ear on my feet. I repeated this every 20 min and after 2 hours my symptoms disappeared! I was amazed!"

Judy Jamison, 5-16-2005

helichrysum for a hematoma

"During my pregnancy I developed a large red bump on my chest filled with blood. I had no idea what it was or how to get rid of it. I tried every kind of ointment I had on hand. Shortly after the birth of my daughter, I made an appointment to see a dermatologist. I couldn't get seen at the doctor for another month and was frantic. I searched the PDR and found a description of a hematoma (a blood filled tumor). This fit the description and Helichrysum was recommended. I began using it twice a day and it was gone in under two weeks. Amazing!"

Ashley Majors, 8-9-2005

helichrysum for a bruised finger

"My seven year old son, Matthew, was on his way to school when he slammed a car door on his pinky. My wife took him to the school nurse who thought it was broken and directed he go to the hospital to have it x-rayed. My wife brought him home instead. The finger was very swollen, black and blue, and Matthew was crying in a lot of pain. He could not move his finger. I applied Trauma Life to his temples and had him inhale that oil. Then I applied Pan Away to his finger. Five minutes later he said, 'Dad, it doesn't hurt anymore.' He could now move the finger enough that I could see it was not broken. With continued applications of Pan Away and Helichrysum, the finger healed completely in a matter of days."

James Niederland , 9-3-2004