Fibrocystic Breast Disease

"Since my 30's I have been plagued with fibrocystic breast disease. After attending several seminars, about natural progesterone therapy, I decided to give it a try. I purchased a jar of cream containing natural progesterone and started applying it. Within one cycle, all cysts disappeared from my breasts. I have been using essential oils for about three months. Prior to that I had been very skeptical about their efficiency. The more I experience their effects, the more amazed I am. For instance, for a year I had been experiencing pain in my right arm which was the result, my physician told me, of a nerve which ran through a channel in my elbow. I found it painful to shake hands with anyone. After several months of applying sundry essential oils to myself and to my husband, I noticed that the pain was decreasing. Then, one morning as I was applying a blend of oils known to help skeletal problems to my neck, I felt my elbow pop. Evidently, whatever was causing the problem was corrected because I have had no pain since. The business is booming! We achieved the position of executive just playing around our first month. Then February we had met the qualifications by the tenth of the month. We have distributors from coast to coast. I think we have finally found our home."

Karen C. Surprise, AZ